rimus Display platforms and partnerships allow us to reach a high percentage of your potential consumer base. “Billboards on the internet”



Publisher Criteria

– IAB Standard ad units
– Orangic Inventory
– Transperency
– Original Content


What we do


We pride ourselves on being able to provide a full strategy from inception, creative ad design, media management to audit performance.


We utilize state of the art technologies on each of our platforms to make sure our strategy leaves no rock unturned.


primusad offers a variety of monetization strategies, from the exclusive monetization deals to simple one platform media relationships.


We utilize state of the art technologies on each of our platforms to make sure you receive the highest eCPM’s


Media Management

Our vast industry experience will take the headache and worry out of your campaign. primusad offers multiple targeting solutions that can be leveraged on a standalone basis or in combination to maximise your ROI. With our 3rd generation optimization software, combined with dedicated teams constantly monitoring your campaign, we can truly offer you the highest value for your advertising money spent. Wether it is contextual relevant branding or behavioral based performance metrics. We will get you to the right place at the right time.

Behavioral Targeting

Our behavioral targeting solution allows us to seperate ourselves from the pack. We only choose users who pass strict tests based on their conversion data. primusad “follow” technology allows us to help users help themselves engage with your brand and purchase your product. With ever increasing need for data to effectively monitor behavior, primusad display platform also integrates with other 3rd party data companies. This allows you to take advantage of our proprietary advantage data and utilize data everyone else is using as well. Set yourself apart!